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Accept Success

Success is measured by inner satisfaction, not in the largeness of feats accomplished. A small overcoming and unannounced act of love, these are the hallmarks of the successful person. Success can be silent and unpraised, but rich is rewards when the giving of ourselves has reached another human being.

We may worship Success only if we can worship Wisdom and Love first, for then our drives are geared towards the accomplishment of self-growth, the capacity to touch and reach others, and the commitment to perfect the imperfect in the world.

Then the goal will not be the crass symbols of success that an irrational modern society defines and reveres. When wanting becomes tempered and harmonized with the laws of love, then we are assured success.

We succeed when we no longer need.

He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much. Mrs. A.J. Stanley

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