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August 2020 - Present          Rabbi         Temple Sholom of OntarioOntario, CA

Serving as the religious leader of this Conservative synagogue affiliated with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. The beginning of my practice was during the COVID epidemic.  I continue to lead my congregation in the midst of the worst anitsemitism since the Holocaust. I led services mostly via Zoom.  As the membership had shrunk over the years, I worked to keep the synagogue engaged with activities and growing.  I organized and teach weekly Hebrew school on Sundays via Zoom with an in-person class of activities one Sunday each month.  I conduct B’nai Mitzvot training and now conduct live services each Shabbat.  I have conducted the Miller Course, Introduction to Judaism once or twice a year, and arrange conversion ceremonies with the local Rabbinical Assembly members at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles.  I have participated in events with other local synagogues and am active in community outreach, giving invocations at various local government functions.  In conducting live services, I read directly from Torah and usually chant the Haftorah. I also officiate at wedding ceremonies, many of which were "mixed" and interfaith, and funerals for both congregants and non-congregants. This past High Holidays, I also served as cantor for Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur using the appropriate nusach.

Ordained Rabbi   Independent Congregation/"Shteibel"  Lake Elsinore, CA

September 2019 – August 2020

Leading independent, non-affiliated Conservative congregation.  Conducting High Holiday and Shabbat services.  Serving the community conducting Life Events for affiliated and non-affiliated, traditional and inter-faith couples.


Ordained Rabbi                         Congregation B’nai Chaim    Murrieta, CA

July, 2017 – August, 2019

Lay Rabbi/Religious Leader     Congregation B’nai Chaim    Murrieta, CA

July, 2014 – June, 2017

Conducting regular Friday night and Saturday morning services for Conservative Congregation. Services are accompanied by my guitar playing which has lead to other congregants accompanying me playing violin and guitar as well.  I  officiate Family Services once a month in which our students from our school lead the service. Leading High Holiday services chanting appropriate nusach.  Conduct holiday services that fall on New Moon and other holidays.  Able to read directly from Torah scroll.  Familiarity with both Torah and Haftorah cantillations.  Trained four adults in Hebrew and Torah chanting for first all-adult B’nai Mitzvot conducted for Saturday Shabbat Mincha-Ma’ariv.  Have trained numerous B’nai Mitzvot for both traditional Haftorah and Maftir Torah.  Taught Hebrew and Prayers & Torah Classes for Adults.  Currently teaching Hebrew school class for B’nai Mitzvot students.  Have organized many events for synagogue including NJOP’s Shabbat Across America 2019 with Rebbetzin. Active in fund raising for the synagogue. Since I became rabbi two years ago, membership has more than doubled.

-Continuously studying Artscroll (Orthodox) and Soncino (Conservative) Chumashes.

-Studying Talmud for 15 years as part of “Daf Yomi” program using the Artscroll Talmud Series

-Studied Kabbalah reading Zohar edited by David Matt

-Consistently pray all three services daily including tefillin during secular mornings.


September 2007 – June 2012  Canyon Lake, CA

Co-lead lay congregation for "Conservadox" congregation.  Participated in leading Shabbat and High Holiday services, including reading Torah and Haftorah.  Also conducted periodic Sunday morning themed Talmud studies on various topics such as the Role of Women in Judaism and Astrology.



June 1999 - June 2007    Murrieta, CA  
Served on board for seven years including President of the congregation for two years.  Also assisted rabbi’s in conducting services and substituting during their absences.  Conducted Torah study for adults.  Instituted and led

once-a-month Shabbat Shachrit junior congregation.


February, 1986 -December, 1991 Served on Nursing staff of psychiatric facility.

Individual and group counseling activities; assistant charge nurse.  Worked with variety of demographics: adolescent behavior and chemical dependency; adult chemical dependency; eating disorders; personality disorders including multiple personality disorders; psychotic and delusional disorders.



Rabbinical Ordination, Rabbinical Seminary International, New York, NY  June 2017

MBA, Business Management    University of Redlands, Redlands, CA

BA, Psychology   State University of New York, College at Oswego

AS, Psychiatric Technology     Saddleback Community College, Mission Viejo, CA

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