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Spiritual Thoughts, Day 18

Practice "Good" Emotions

There are "good" emotions: the capacity to feel, relate, anticipate, react with freedom and appropriateness. They are the warmth and lifeblood of arid intellect.

Espirit or elan, with a flair fro sensitivity, are the antennae that reach out and capture the excitement of life.

Emotions are destructive when they miss the spirit and emphasize "emotionalism," dramatizing strife, and overreacting to stress.

When we are emotionally wise we are enthusiastic but we temper our zeal with balance and consideration. Rational judgment need not lack emotion. Rather, it adds totality and richness to our experience.

Feelings are fun when reason is a companion, an equal partner, a co-creator of a balanced attitude.

Thought is deeper than all speech, feeling deeper than all thought. Christopher P. Cranch

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