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This week's 10-Minute Torah (October 8, 2022): "Parashat Ha'azenu" 5783

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Parashat Ha’Azinu 5783 / פָּרָשַׁת הַאֲזִינוּ

8 October 2022 / 13 Tishrei 5783

Parashat Ha’Azinu is the 53rd weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading.

Torah Portion: Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52

In Ha’azinu (“Listen”) , Moses recites a poem praising God and criticizing the sins of the Israelites. He describes the misfortunes that the Israelites will face and the damage God will ultimately wreak on their oppressors. The portion ends as God commands Moses to ascend Mount Nebo, where he is to die. [1]

Triennial year 1

1: 32:1-6 · 6 p’sukim ·

2: 32:7-12 · 6 p’sukim ·

3: 32:13-18 · 6 p’sukim ·

4: 32:19-28 · 10 p’sukim ·

5: 32:29-39 · 11 p’sukim ·

6: 32:40-43 · 4 p’sukim ·

7: 32:44-52 · 9 p’sukim ·

maf: 32:48-52 · 5 p’sukim ·

Haftarah: II Samuel 22:1-51 · 51 p’sukim

Commentary and Divrei Torah Sefaria OU Torah Jewish Theological Seminary

Soncino Chumash: pp. 896 - 903 Triennial Year 3 (Full Kriyah pp. 896 - 903)

Artscroll Chumash: pp. 1100 - 1111 Triennial Year 3 (Full Kriyah pp. 1100 - 1111)

Etz Chaim Chumash: pp. 1185 - 1195 Triennial Year 3 (Full Kriyah pp. 1185 - 1195)

This is the last Parashat that is read during a Shabbat. The very portion of the Torah, V’Zot Habracha, is read during Simchat Torah. It is structured as a poem as two columns. There is a purpose to this. The columns serve as a warning. As the two pillars are able to hold up a building, for example, for side-to-side there is no support, jJust as Samson was able to push two pillars apart and crush the Philistines.

Israel must be careful. This must “give ear” to Hashem’s teachings and not stray side-to-side but stay straight. As we say “Yasher Ko’ah”—"may your strength be straight”—to congratulate someone completing a difficult reading or task, so must our strength be straight to avoid straying from Torah. When we settle the land and become prosperous, we must always remember it is because Hashem blesses us for observing mitzvot; if we stray and turn to other gods, prosperity will disappear.

Just as Hashem is a “faithful G-d, never false”, so must we be faithful to Hashem’s ways and never be false.

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