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This week's 10-Minute Torah, "Parashat Emor" 5779 05/18/19

Services at Congregation B'nai Chaim, 29500 Via Princessa, Murrieta, CA 92563:

Ma'ariv Services Family Services, Friday evening, May 17, Pot Luck @ 6:00pm, Services @ 7pm. (Last Family Services of the school year)

Shachrit Services Saturday morning, May 18 @ 9:30am Parshas Emor / פרשת אמור

Kiddish luncheon hosted by Sherry Reiter & Elana Chalfant in honor of their fathers.

Shabbat Services the following week:

Services for B’nai Chaim will be canceled this weekend as Havurim will be using our sanctuary for a Bar Mitzvah

Ma'ariv Services Friday evening, May 24 @ 7pm.

Shachrit Services Saturday morning, May 25 @ 9:30am Parshas Behar / פרשת בהר

#ParashatEmor #DvarTorah #TorahCommentary

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